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We were deeply inspired to enter this field by childhood personal experiences.  Ms. Hertog is an attorney who has overcome learning disabilities, herself.  Her parents were told by an elementary school psychologist that she would never go to college.  Ms. Fisch has a close relative with Downs Syndrome.  We both started as special ed teachers, and know this field inside and out. Guaranteed personal attention. 

Why Hire Ms. Hertog?

spirited and detail oriented

Ms. Hertog, nationally known in her field,  is highly detail-oriented.  She’ll get to know your case inside and out.  But the reasons for her success don’t end there.  Past clients will tell you that she’s a spirited advocate who won’t take “no” for an answer.   Her biggest priority will be getting your goals met. 

How we take action

Core Services

This is a private law firm dedicated to advocating for students with special needs of all ages. We guarantee personal attention to your case, and will take the time to understand the details of your predicament.

Ms. Hertog is a nationally known experienced litigator in special education.  Licensed to practice law in CA, FL and NY, she has successfully settled numerous due process hearings.  And when she and her clients have had to go to trial, they’ve prevailed EVERY time.  Partner with her on your special education journey!

Having trouble navigating the IEP process? Want to get more for your IEP student without filing due process? You are definitely not alone.  We can help.

Ms. Hertog gets results for students who need accommodations all over the country.  She’s mastered the skill of advocating without the need for federal litigation.


Hear From Our Past Clients

  • anonymous

    I found Allison to be very knowledgeable about the special education process overall. I found that her special education background helped enormously during the entire IEP process. Her non-confrontational approach has made the IEP process run very smoothly. She was able to achieve beyond what we expected was even remotely possible or achievable. Having someone as knowledgeable as Allsion also helped alleviate the anxiety that we have had in the past with the IEP process. She was also very pleasant to work with and very accommodating with scheduling for meetings as well. I would hire Allison again in the future to help with our child and would highly recommend her to other parents as well!

  • anonymous

    Allison was a very strong advocate for my son. Her dedication and results exceeded my expectations.

  • Douglas

    Allison represented my wife and I during our latest IEP meetings for our son. He was getting ready to transition from elementary to middle school. We have been through the IEP process of reviewing and establishing goals for a number of years. However, we did not feel that we were maximizing the process. Poor goals and non meaningful results seemed to be the norm. Allison was recommended by a friend and we discussed our situation with Allison in person. She provided a very realistic POV on our expectations. Where did our son stand, is he getting all the assistance he is eligible for, have we asked for the right assistance, what can we demand and expect. In explaining and answering our questions, Alison was knowledgable and honest. In our meetings with the school, Alison was professional and earned the respect of the school administrators. I can't emphasize this enough, as we have had legal representation previously and this was a disaster. Previous representation was belligerent and unprofessional. We lost respect and the meetings were non-productive. As a parent commenting on Allison, I have a good perspective of the right way and the wrong way to work productively with school administrators. Allison will work the right way for the benefit of your child.

  • anonymous

    Ms. Hertog is a great lawyer whose expertise is in special education law and its implementation in the school system. She really made a difference in my daughter's future. I hired Ms. Hertog to help with an issue that involved my high functioning autistic child whose accommodations and behavior plan were being poorly implemented. As a result, she was not receiving an appropriate education and her behavior was deteriorating. I was very impressed with the way Ms. Hertog interacted and negotiated with the public school. Ms. Hertog was forthcoming and honest about my child’s rights under the law as well as workable outcomes with the school. Investing in Ms. Hertog’s services was the best thing I could have done for my child’s future. The school wanted a maximum restrictive environment, a far cry from the Least Restrictive Environment under IDEA. My child is now happy and using our increased McKay scholarship money in an appropriate setting. If you live in the Miami area and need help maneuvering the roadblocks in your child’s special education, Allison Hertog can make a difference.

Attorney & President

Allison Hertog

Allison Hertog comes to the fields of special education and disability law with a highly unique background. One of only a handful of lawyers in the country who holds a Masters degree in special education. She gets the results parents want.  Because of Ms. Hertog’s unique talents and dedication, she’s gotten national attention.  See her reviews above!

Senior Advocate

Abby REIFMAN Fisch

Abby Reifman Fisch works to help families understand their rights and advocates for children with disabilities through consultations and at school meetings. Her extensive experience and knowledge as a former special education teacher and special needs advocate allows her to understand the complexities of working within the educational system and what it takes to make a difference in a student’s educational experience. She listens, strategizes, and acts according to parent goals and student need. See her AMAZING reviews here.

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